Become a tipster?

The information we are giving away money!

.. and how it works

a you know someone who wants to sell a property?
You will get € 200 for your tip, leading to the successful completion of a qualified broker-alone contract.

Prerequisite for the tip-commission is that we do not know the owner of the property...
Please continue to report your tips here with us!

b. You want to recommend our property?
You will get € 250 for a tip, which leads through to the successful completion of our qualified broker-assisted single-object order.

The payment of the commission shall immediately after receiving tip of the brokerage fee on our account...

Please continue to report your tips here with us!

Information for the tipster
It is not necessary that you be appointed as a tipster at a contact them. At your request we will take your tip also anonymous. Your data will of course treat with utmost confidentiality.

If you have a particular recommendation or strive for a regular cooperation with us, we look forward to meeting you. We are available for this purpose at any time.

Notice to persons who are subject to disciplinary rules, such as lawyers and accountants: we expressly point out that this offer is not directed at persons who have a special relationship of trust with their clients or mandates, or where it is prohibited unable legally to calculate tipster commissions. Of course we are happy but if you recommend us to your customers and clients.

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