Facility Management & Service


First and foremost, our perfect facility management system helps you to save time and money. All services to do with real estate are seen and treated as a whole. This starts with technical facilities and covers management, service and the securing of property value.

We can assure you of absolutely smooth procedures, with transparent reports and clear communication, best handled by specialists. Our professional team will take care of every aspect for you, to your great advantage.

Site Development

Do you own a parcel of land which you would like to develop? In that case, you need an experienced and reliable partner to guide you through the bureaucracy and help you:

  • allocate building land
  • construct site plans
  • develop the building land

Real Estate Development

  • allocating building land
  • constructing site plans
  • developing building land

Do you already own a fully developed building plot and would like to rapidly implement your construction project? Time is money, so why not get help from an experienced project manager, who can advise you with the following:

  • project planning
  • construction schedules
  • conducting project procedures

Real Estate/Property Management

Are you tired of having to deal with all the paper work your property is causing you? Big and small residential housing developments need conscientious and transparent management.

We cooperate with the best and will help you to:

  • plan and organise the maintenance work
  • draw up monthly or yearly statements of building costs
  • conduct transparent bookkeeping and arrears processes

Real Estate Mediation

Are you looking for a suitable property or would you like to sell or rent your house?
You could spend every weekend looking around, making numerous phone calls and placing ads in the paper – or you could just call in the experts!


Our team at RIE will help you:

  • search for a suitable object
  • evaluate your chosen object
  • rapidly let or sell your property

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