RIE – Your partner for finding the perfect and above all, tailor-made, financing for your desired property

How to finance best: not only should you look at the current interest rate of your bank or your insurance partners, also a large number of important factors must be brought together to form a stable and professional financing strategy. Duration and equity capital, amortization and residual debt insurance, special loan repayment rights and foreign currency. Repayment and fiscal consideration. Workrooms and granny flats. Consult us with any questions you may have before you visit the bank.

RIE – Partners of experienced financing specialists, whose job it is, on a daily basis, to find the perfect tailor-made financing strategy for you and your property. You really shouldn’t miss out on our service - even if you have a close relationship with your banker - you should always make comparisons first. We are the professionals to help you! No charges, no commitments. But secure in the knowledge of always receiving the best possible advice and security.We guarantee this with our name - RIE.

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